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Unlike most development agencies with Spritely you’ll get your very own dedicated development team. This means that their primary focus is the development of your product and your product alone.

Development done differently.

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By no means is this your standard set and forget operation where you hand over a bunch of designs to an offshore team and don’t hear anything until the project is well overdue. All the while driving your anxiety levels to an all time high, not knowing what your final product is going to look like. Nope, this is the real deal, you’ll have 9-5 Monday-Friday access to every member of your development team, constant updates from us throughout the development process and hands on access to every test build.

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Onshore project management

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We generally break our development into 2 week cycles that we call sprints. To begin with we break out tasks into user stories where we align the technical requirements of a particular piece of functionality to real world user journeys. This helps your development team to understand how the code they’re writing will affect the end user, and it also directly informs QA testing scenarios. Once written we then work with your development team to estimate the complexity of each ticket. Once we have a clear understanding of the work required we organise and allocate these tickets to the sprints in order of priority.

Throughout a development sprint we run daily stand-up meetings where each member of the team

summarises what they did yesterday, what they’re working on today and whether or not they have any impediments or blockers preventing them from working on a task. These standups are a crucial activity providing you with a continuous, on-demand, pulse check on your development’s progress. And with all relevant parties present we’re able to resolve issues quickly keeping the project moving efficiently.

We strongly feel that it’s the way we manage our teams that sets us apart from most providers in this space. Visibility and buy-in across the entire team from you the entrepreneur and owner all the way through our development team is a massive priority to us. We strongly encourage our clients to attend as many sprint events as possible to encourage this.

Quality assurance testing

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Quality assurance testing is quite often overlooked and in our opinion that is a big mistake. Software bugs come in many shapes and forms and without trained eyes meticulously combing through your product using detailed test plans we can not guarantee the quality of your product. We always say it’s better to find fifteen bugs during development than one critical bug found by fifteen hundred customers.

These guys take their job seriously, we’ve worked with many QAs over the years and we can honestly say that ours are the best in their field. And believe us when we tell you that’s a big deal because these guys are the final catchall between your development team and your customers. By setting a high standard of acceptance testing they help us to enforce the highest level of quality in your product.

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