Mobile App Development for Startups & Businesses

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At Spritely we work with businesses and visionaries to build the best Web and Mobile apps. Our tried and tested methods provide you with the quickest and most cost-effective path to market success and business growth.

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Our customers love our work

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With over 34 years of industry experience focusing on Web and Mobile design and development, we leverage this experience to deliver World-Class digital products for our happy customers.

Our Team

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What We Do.

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App Development for Businesses

Our expert app designers and app developers have built beautiful and user-friendly apps that are compatible with iPhone, Android, and iPad apps to help our customer’s businesses grow.


App Development for Start Ups

We work with start-ups to help them turn their vision into reality. We’ll help you through your journey from idea to market-ready. 

Web App Development

Our Web Apps are compatible with Web, IOS, and Android. We have worked on hundreds of powerful dashboards and mobile-friendly Web Apps. 

UX/UI Design

We are a UX/UI design first mobile application agency that prides our selves on world-class design. Our designs are tested to look beautiful on all mobile devices. We specialize in IOS and Android Apps design. 

Enhance your app development with our dedicated local Australian team.

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Great development starts with design thinking. While our coding skills create outstanding apps, it’s our design-first approach that truly delivers results for our clients. Our developers think like designers, ensuring impactful outcomes.

We are committed to keeping our team in-house, ensuring quality and collaboration. Working under one roof allows for seamless communication and synergy, leading to superior results.

Featured project: ACTV Online

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Our Work

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Spritely Start-Up Packs

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Standard Pack

App Design Prototype
Brand Kit
Pitch Deck

Classic Pack

App Design Prototype
Brand Kit
Pitch Deck
Marketing Website

Our Start Up Packs

Let’s take your vision and turn it into reality. In just a few weeks we’ll take your Web or Mobile App idea and bring it to life by creating an app design prototype, brand kit, marketing website, pitch deck, and marketing video. You can customize exactly what you want so you can start your fundraising journey.

Web and Mobile App Design Prototypes

We create beautifully designed Web and Mobile App Prototypes, these design prototypes, are a great way to get user feedback and have people excited about your vision.

Our method.

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Until tested all we have are assumptions. Validating your idea with real customers maximizes your chances of success. This is a crucial step that lays the foundations for your product’s building blocks.

App Design

Rapid app design prototyping allows us to get your product in your customers’ hands as soon as possible. We use the feedback we gather to iterate your UI designs and to craft the optimal user experience.

App Development

We have expert project managers focusing on your roadmap and deadlines, while our expert app developers and app designers focusing on the quality of your product.


Controlled deployments allow us to continue collecting valuable feedback. Within our launch activities, we establish clear milestones to reach to maximize the success of your product’s launch.

Let’s build your vision.

Get in touch with us today and bring your vision to reality. We have worked with customers Australian-wide. Providing mobile app design and development for customers in Goldcoast, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.