Until tested all we have are assumptions.

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Before we even think about what your vision could look like, we validate the fundamental idea behind your vision, to establish the need for your product or service in the marketplace. This will help us gain a deeper understanding of the problem it will solve in people’s lives.

Market research

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There is quite a few ways to go about this and the method is always steered by the type of product or service and who the intended customer is. Dropbox, famously, did this by creating a video that explained what their product would do. And by measuring the amount of people that registered for the beta program they knew they were onto something big, and the rest is history.

Identify your customer

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Customer personas are common tools in both product design and marketing. All variations of personas are used to gather deep understandings of what makes your customers tick. These personas will be directly based on the customer characteristics we observe during the concept validation phase. Qualitative research is the best way for us to understand your customer because it allows us the opportunity to talk one-on-one with them. 

Establish your mission & vision

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90% of businesses make the mistake of undervaluing the importance of establishing a clear mission vision for their new product or service. Understanding what it is you’re trying to achieve, how you plan to execute it and why you are doing it directly informs every aspect of your business.

Build your brand’s identity

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When talking brand identity we like to be realistic with our clients. If you have the budget to go all in then it’s definitely worth the spend.

A deluxe branding package will get you an brand archetype that matches your mission & vision. This dictates your brand’s personality and the tone of voice your brand uses to communicate to your customers. From there we’ll work with you to build an aesthetic and flesh out your brand’s guidelines and a series of treatments to inspire your future marketing material.

If the deluxe package isn’t within budget then this is definitely an area where you can make some trimmings and still come away with a beautiful brand that you’ll definitely be happy with.

Let’s build your vision.

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