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We’ve worked on a heap of design and development projects in various capacities over the years. Our main focus is on building Mobile Apps, Software, and websites. The following pages showcase just a few of our most noteworthy projects.

BTC Markets

iOS & Android Mobile Apps

BTC markets is one of Australia’s leading bitcoin and crypto currency exchanges. With over 325,000 Australian clients, trading over $19 billion dollars worth of digital assets. They reached out to Spritely to design and develop both their iOS and Android mobile apps.


Web3 Platform

Amasa is on a mission to simplify the complexities of Web3 and help individuals harness its wealth-creating potential. Amasa’s innovative Web3 Platform empowers users to explore diverse income streams, from DeFi to NFTs, and turn them into a meaningful source of wealth. Amasa engaged Spritely to enhance both the user experience and the design and development of their Web3 Platform.


Feature Design

Our head of Design teamed up with Arq Group to reimagine the way users navigate transaction screens. Bringing a creative perspective to the table helped to craft a seamless user experience that blends aesthetics with functionality, through iterative cycles of design, prototyping, and user testing.


iOS Android & Webapp

The team at Trailer 2 You engaged Spritely to build a revolutionary trailer hire system. Customers are able to hire trailer of their choice and get it delivered directly. Users can select view trailer details, Select the time and date of delivery and track the drivers when they are on the way. Trailers delivered with the T2Y franchise receive notifications for new hire order, with a full breakdown of the trailer order, address and time of delivery.

Emergency Medication MX

Web Application

The Emergency Medication Mx system is a cloud-based application designed for individuals at risk of severe medical emergencies It ensures that life-saving medications are available and up-to-date in case of an emergency. The system tracks medication devices and their expiration dates, offering options for individuals, families, and businesses. 


iOS, Android & WebApp

Trulet is a property management solution powered by Trudi, the worlds first virtual property assistant. Trulet approached Spritely to help design and develop a web and mobile application aimed at facilitating property managers with day to day tasks while strengthening the communication and responsiveness between property managers and tenants. Trulet is a pioneer in the property space and we’re proud to have played a part in providing design and development services to support their vision.

Smoke Alarms Australia

iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Smoke Alarms, a leading provider of fire safety solutions, approached Spritely to enhance the efficiency of Property Managers by empowering them with a mobile application to manage smoke alarm technicians on the move.


Responsive Dashboard & Mobile App

Coinstash are an Australian cryptocurrency exchange with a user base exceeding 25,000, providing trading for 340+ cryptocurrencies, emphasised data security and user contentment. They enlisted Spritely to tackle issues with their current dashboard, which lacked a user friendly experience  and cross-device responsiveness.

Guide to Light

iOS and Android

Guide to Light is an app focused on enhancing Intuitive Psychic Development, Mindfulness, and Meditation, encouraging users to integrate personal growth into their daily routines. The challenge entailed creating an app that guides users through these practices, ensuring engagement, user-friendliness, and compatibility across iOS and Android platforms.

Cheer Collective

iOS and Android

The Cheer Collective is an innovative organisation that offers a platform for users to establish, monitor, and achieve their goals within a supportive community of like-minded individuals. When they approached us, they aimed to revolutionise goal-setting by combining goal establishment, progress tracking, and community engagement. Their ambitious vision was to provide users with more than just a standard goal-setting app – they wanted a platform that fostered a caring and supportive community while enabling effective personal goal management. We were excited to help realise this vision.

Stream Music

iOS, Android, WebApp & Responsive Website

Spritely was commissioned by Stream Live to develop a live streaming mobile app that addresses the geographical constraints faced by fans of live entertainment. The resulting Stream Live app allows fans worldwide to enjoy real-time performances by their favourite artists and grants them access to exclusive interviews and opportunities. By recognising the limitations imposed by physical location on fans’ interactions with artists, Stream Live aimed to overcome this challenge by creating an immersive platform that brings together artists and fans from around the world for live streaming experiences.

Literacy Planet

Dashboard Re-Design

LiteracyPlanet, a global online English platform, approached our team with a challenge: to enhance their teacher dashboard for better student performance monitoring. Working closely with LiteracyPlanet, we implemented a user-friendly color and shape system with a clear key to simplify progress monitoring. The result was an improved teacher dashboard, empowering educators to assess student performance more intuitively and contributing to an enhanced learning experience. Our agency is proud to have played a role in strengthening LiteracyPlanet’s commitment to high-quality online English education.


Home Entertainment App

We were challenged to create an engaging user interface and user experience that facilitated Ko-Kast’s reimagined way of enjoying home entertainment. We collaborated with Ko-Kast and worked on designing a seamless portal to a world of entertainment encompassing concerts, gaming, movies, and sports. With commitment to user-centric design principles, our goal was to create a user experience that seamlessly  blends diverse forms of entertainment.


iOS & Android

PUML is a Cryptocurrency mobile app that rewards you with PUML tokens for working out and completing health fitness activities like step challenges, video workouts, gym and fitness classes, and more. Spritely was responsible for designing new features and uplifting the UI/UX designs of the Apps.

ACTV Online

Online Fitness App

ACTV Online provides you the resources required to get your desired results in strength, stamina, and body composition. Choose which of ACTV’s three progressive programs suit your circumstances and then you’re ready to ‘Get ACTV anytime, anywhere.


Dashboard Designs

Kidsoft is everything you need to run your childcare services.
The comprehensive CCS software provides features, integrated technology, and applications that meet the needs of parents, educators, and childcare owners.


iOS, Android & WebApp

Kwickie puts fans face to face with their favourite celebrities and influencers. Using asynchronous video Kwickie stitches question and reply videos together to give them the appearance of real time replies. 

Verify Rentals

Dashboard & Mobile App Design

We joined forces with Verify Rentals to enhance the rental verification process. We started by planning and creating a user-friendly wireframe for both their mobile app and dashboard. Our experienced UI/UX team focused on making the interface both visually appealing and easy to use, with the goal of creating a streamlined and modern design for real-time verification, simplifying the tenancy application process. We’re pleased to have contributed to making life easier for both tenants and property owners.

Inspect Cloud

Dashboard & Mobile App Designs

We collaborated with Inspect Cloud on a journey to redefine Quality Assurance within the hospitality sector. Our journey began with a thorough wire-framing exercise , ensuring that the app provided an intuitive experience for inspectors. We then brought our expertise to the UI/UX design, focusing on a sleek yet user-friendly interface. Through this partnership, we equipped inspectors with real-time reporting and elevated Inspect Cloud’s visual identity. It has been a rewarding experience, and we are excited to witness Inspect Cloud’s positive impact on inspectors and hotel owners alike as it reshapes industry standards.


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