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Turn your idea into something tangible you can use to impress.

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No matter how far along you are in your product journey, we’ll provide you with a fresh set of eyes to look at your concept from a new perspective. Then in just a few weeks we’ll take your vision and transform it into a beautifully crafted user experience in the form of a design prototype. This can then be used to impress potential investors.

We’ve designed solutions for

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Rapid prototyping

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Starting with what we call low-fidelity wireframes we convert these to working prototypes as quick as possible. At first glance these look like a collection of colourless boxes on a screen, but upon closer inspection you’ll see that these aesthetically unpleasant designs are the blueprints for the very structure of your product. We use these to understand each user journey based on the learnings and persona requirements we established in the discovery phase. Keeping the future state of your product in mind we use this time to resolve any usability roadblocks and confusion points.

Once we’ve created a cohesive user experience free of roadblocks, we transform the same low-fi placeholder elements in your prototype into well thought design patterns. Using the colours, text styles and tone of voice established in your brand guide, your product will begin to take shape.

Working screen by screen we will convert your prototype into a high fidelity real world example that looks and feels exactly like your product without typing a single line of code.

User testing & design validation

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Ideally we would run user testing activities at every step of the design process. This is of course dependant on the availability of your customers, specifically location and method of communication. There are definitely points in the prototyping phase that we can use common sense assumptions to drive our decision making but as soon as we feel those assumptions could lead us down the wrong path we will opt to get the prototypes in front of real customers to validate these assumptions.

These activities involve us running through scenario based tests all the while watching how your customers interact with the prototypes. These testing activities are crucial because not only are we getting an even deeper understanding of your customers, we’re also able to resolve any usability issues better insuring the success of your product.

MVP development scoping

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Once we’ve locked down your high fidelity prototype and it’s been rigorously tested and improved upon, we need to set about establishing our MVP feature-set. This is a crucial piece to complete before moving onto the development of your product.

By nature MVPs can be polarising. The thought of releasing a lean, seemingly unfinished product to your valued customers can sometimes be hard to bear. But the whole point of a minimum viable product is that you get something to market as quick as possible to learn more about your customers as quick as possible.

This phase of the project is always tough, this is because it contradicts the stereotypical product launch. An event usually surrounded by marketing collateral and PR activities where maximising eyeballs is the main objective.

Otherwise known as a beta release, this lean, stripped back product’s purpose, is to ensure we’re building something that people want. We’ll be releasing it to a small group of early adopters. Included in the MVP scope will be the leanest versions of the most valuable and totally necessary features. As always time and cost is at the forefront of this decision making process.

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