Team Leaders

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Scott Mackenzie

Head of Product

With more than 20 years experience in the software industry, Scott brings a fresh point of view when it comes to product development. His customer driven ideology has proven invaluable to our clients’ projects. His main focus for every project is achieving market fit though customer alignment.

Chris Donald

Lead Product Designer

Chris guides the intersection of design and development. Championing a collaborative approach turning ideas into polished products. Chris works closely with our development team to ensure all user journeys and features have been adequately tested and handed over before development commences.

Daniel Edwards

Project Manager

Daniel has been leading design & development projects for many years. With a strong background in design his team leadership and attention to detail proves vital for the projects we develop. He will be your go to point of communication as your project’s development rolls out.

Kale Hanby

Mobile Developer

Kale, our in-house mobile developer is your subject matter expert in the mobile app development space. Kale’s many years in the software industry across multiple facets gives him a unique perspective when it comes time to build and deliver your project.

William Rapert

Head of Engineering

Will, our Head of Engineering, is a senior engineer, a true full-stack, with more than 25 years experience. He will work closely with you to advise you on the best tech stacks, infrastructure and software development tools based on the requirements of your project.

During the development of your project, he will lead the technical and architectural discussions with your development team and support them to ensure best practices are being adhered to at all times.

Lucy Morales

Head of Quality Assurance

Lucy will lead your quality assurance team. A senior member with more than 12 years experience and a long-standing member of the Spritely team, she will be responsible for the stability of your project during and beyond go live.
Lucy’s quality assurance process is second to none and it will be her responsibility to ensure your project has been rigorously tested end-to-end and is working as a succinct product as per the specifications of the project scope.