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A revolutionary trailer hire system.

The team at Trailer2You engaged Spritely to build a revolutionary trailer hire system. Customers are able to hire trailer of their choice and get it delivered directly. Users can select view trailer details, Select the time and date of delivery and track the drivers when they are on the way. Trailers delivered with the T2Y franchise receive notifications for new hire order, with a full breakdown of the trailer order, address and time of delivery.


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The Problem

Trailer 2 You (T2Y) faced a challenge with their trailer rental process, where customers had to physically go to a rental place, causing inconvenience. Plus, T2Y franchise owners struggled with managing orders and notifications effectively. They needed a modern solution to let customers easily pick and hire trailers while giving franchise owners better order management and notifications.

The Solution

T2Y joined hands with Spritely to create a game-changing trailer hire system. We built a user-friendly app where customers could browse trailers, pick one, and set their preferred delivery time. The unique feature was real-time tracking, letting customers know where the driver is and when the trailer will arrive. On the franchise side, the system sent out notifications with detailed order breakdowns, making things smooth for both customers and franchise owners.

The Result

Together, T2Y and Spritely successfully built a revolutionary trailer hire system that solved the challenges T2Y faced. Customers could now easily rent trailers and track their deliveries, thanks to the app’s user-friendly design and real-time tracking. The system also made life easier for franchise owners by automating notifications and providing clear order details. This case shows how embracing new technology can make traditional businesses more efficient and keep customers and businesses happy.

Fully Integrated for Control, Flexibility & Visibility.

All of the Trailer 2 You apps are fully integrated with a web app dashboard, operated by the T2Y team at head office. The Dashboard provides valuable sales analytics, user, content and payments management.
“We chose the Spritely team to develop two projects which were vastly different. 

Our experience has been second-to-none, with the Spritely team going above and beyond to assist our clients achieve their objectives. 

I recommend Spritely as the go-to team for complex platform and app development…Thanks!!”

Murdo McRae – T2Y

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