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The Cheer Collective

Set Track & Achieve Goals

The Cheer Collective is a forward-thinking organisation that provides users with a platform to set, track, and accomplish their goals within a supportive community of like-minded individuals. 


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The Problem

When Cheer Collective approached us, they had this amazing vision of reinventing goal-setting. They wanted to bring together goal setting, progress tracking, and a lively sense of community. Their aim was to go beyond what other apps were offering and provide users with a platform where they could not only set and track their personal goals effectively but also be part of a caring and supportive community. It was quite an ambitious goal, and we were thrilled to help bring that vision to life.

The Solution

We took on the exciting task of creating The Cheer Collective app, with a big focus on making the user experience smooth and really fostering a sense of community. To make sure it worked well on both iOS and Android, we used React Native, which helped us maintain consistent performance.

Our journey was guided by what users really wanted, thanks to all the research we did. We really concentrated on letting users set and share their goals, keep track of their progress, and stay engaged with the community.

Inside the app, there’s a bunch of cool stuff like sharing goals, setting milestones, organising goals into categories, seeing progress in a visual way, getting involved with the community, enjoying some gamification with challenges and rewards, and even getting personalised content. During the beta testing phase, we got super valuable input from users, and that helped us fine-tune the app and get it ready for more awesome updates in the future.


The Result

The partnership between The Cheer Collective and Spritely came together beautifully, resulting in a successful app launch. The Cheer Collective app has really struck a chord with users, building a dedicated community of people who share common goals and are determined to achieve them.

“More than an app: The Cheer Collective aspires to provide a caring and supportive community for goal achievers.”

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