Case Study


UX: Collaborative Design for Seamless Transactions

Our head of Design teamed up with Arq Group to reimagine the way users navigate transaction screens. Bringing a creative perspective to the table helped to craft a seamless user experience that blends aesthetics with functionality, through iterative cycles of design, prototyping, and user testing.

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The Problem

The Suncorp platform was facing a problem. People were having a tough time using the transaction screens, which was making them frustrated. The way the transaction process looked and worked wasn’t balancing well, causing confusion and dissatisfaction among users.

The Solution

Our design leader partnered with Arq Group, to reimagine these screens. They brainstormed solutions, iteratively designed, prototyped, and tested with real users to strike a balance between aesthetics and usability.

The Result

Users found the new design easier to navigate, leading to increased satisfaction and engagement. The partnership also facilitated knowledge exchange and highlighted the benefits of collaboration in bringing fresh perspectives to design challenges.

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