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Stream Live

Revolutionising Live Entertainment

Based in Australia, the UK and USA, the team at “Stream Live” engaged Spritely to build a live streaming mobile app. With the Stream Live app, fans can watch their favourite artists from Anywhere in the world – completely live. They can Watch their favourite artists wherever they are in the world, Access exclusive interviews with their favourite artists, and Win tickets to shows all over the world.


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The Problem

Stream Live, identified a significant issue in the traditional live entertainment landscape. Geographical limitations were depriving fans of their favourite artists’ performances and exclusive interactions. This posed a challenge: how to unite fans and artists across the globe in an immersive live streaming experience.

The Solution

To overcome this challenge, the ideation phase centred on envisioning the Stream Live app as a game-changing solution. The aim was to reimagine live streaming, breaking down barriers and providing fans with an unparalleled connection to their idols. The app would empower fans to attend live shows virtually from anywhere, making distance irrelevant and democratising live entertainment. Additionally, it would offer exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes content, and glimpses into artists’ lives, enhancing the bond between fans and artists. Interactive contests and giveaways would be featured, offering fans the chance to win coveted tickets to concerts worldwide, elevating their engagement and excitement. 

The Result

The culmination of the ideation phase resulted in the development of the Stream Live app, addressing challenges and capitalising on innovative concepts. The app offered a revolutionary approach to live entertainment, yielding noteworthy outcomes. It enabled fans from all corners of the world to partake in live performances, creating a diverse and engaged global audience. 

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