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Ensuring Readiness During Critical Situations

The Emergency Medication Mx app ensures timely replacement of life-saving medications for individuals at risk of severe medical emergencies. It tracks medication devices, alerts users when replacements are needed, and delivers new devices to their door, ensuring readiness during critical situations.


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The Problem

MediMx approached us with a solution for people dealing with critical medical conditions who needed a reliable method to access emergency medications. The problem? These medications had expiration dates, potentially posing risks if not managed effectively.

The Solution

Our collaboration with MediMX led to the development of the “Emergency Medication Mx” web-app, an intuitive interface designed to simplify the tracking and management of emergency medication devices. The MediMx app utilises an integrated alert system for medication expiration reminders and established a seamless process for device replacements through a local pharmacy. As a result, users experienced reduced stress, improved safety, and enhanced peace of mind.

The Result

The successful collaboration with the pharmacy, coupled with the prompt delivery of replacement devices, further solidified the app’s effectiveness. Overall, the positive feedback received from users highlights the app’s design and functionality, underlining the achievement of collaboration in creating a solution that enhances safety and simplifies emergency medication management.

“Throughout the development, communication was seamless and transparent. Spritely’s team was always available to address any concerns, making the collaboration feel like a true partnership.”

Barry Callen – MediMX

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