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Guide to light is an app that aims to facilitate Intuitive Psychic Development, Mindfulness, and Meditation. Designed to integrate into a users’ daily routines, the app empowers individuals to dedicate a few moments each day to their personal growth.


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The Problem

Guide to Light challenged us to craft an app that guides users through intuitive psychic development, mindfulness, and meditation. The app’s goals were to engage users consistently, provide an intuitive interface for beginners, and be accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. Working together, we identified key features like guided meditation and intuitive exercises, and our design team at Spritely created an appealing and user-friendly interface tailored to newcomers in the psychic and meditation field.

The Solution

A strategic decision to use react native was made to ensure the GTL app worked seamlessly across platforms. This approach was really about giving users a consistent and smooth experience, no matter if they were on iOS or Android. We built this app with scalability in mind, so we’re all set to add more features as Guide to Light grows. We wanted to keep users engaged and excited, so we added gamification elements like daily streaks, journaling, achievements, and progress tracking. These little features make a big difference in motivating users and making them feel rewarded for their efforts and progress. We test the app on all sorts of devices and operating systems to check that it is functioning well and performing smoothly.

The Result

The collaboration between Spritely and Guide to Light culminated in a cross-platform mobile app that met the client’s objectives. The Guide to Light app serves as a user-friendly conduit for intuitive psychic development, mindfulness, and meditation experiences. Characterised by a user-centric design, gamified elements, and tailored content, the app has garnered favourable reviews from users, solidifying its status as an effective tool within the space of psychic development and holistic well-being.

“After being with two other developers previously , we were so happy to find Spritely. They were completely transparent with timing, honoured deadlines as much as possible and always friendly to deal with. We cannot wait to work with them on the next APP!”

Martina Bilek – Guide to Light

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