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BTC markets is one of Australia’s leading bitcoin and crypto currency exchanges. With over 325,000 Australian clients, trading over $19 billion dollars worth of digital assets. They reached out to Spritely to build their Mobile apps.


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The Problem

Spritely dived into understanding the hurdles that cryptocurrency traders encounter. This involved having in-depth conversations to truly get a feel for the nuances of accessing real-time market data, ensuring secure trading execution, and creating a smooth experience for managing portfolios on mobile devices.

The Solution

During the solution ideation phase, the focus was on incorporating best practices for optimal user experience. The primary objective was to seamlessly translate the value provided by the existing web application into a mobile app format. The project’s goals encompassed several key aspects. Firstly, the aim was to present a user-centric design that caters to traders spanning various levels of expertise. Additionally, there was a strong emphasis on integrating real-time market data to empower users with informed decision-making capabilities. Strengthening security measures to ensure the safety of accounts and transactions was another pivotal goal. The mobile app also sought to streamline trading operations, encompassing efficient order execution and comprehensive portfolio monitoring. Lastly, regulatory compliance was a priority, achieved through features like user verification and authentication mechanisms.

The Result

As a result, the app saw a wave of new users joining in, which led to a real buzz of trading activity and a more active trading scene on the BTC Markets exchange. Traders absolutely loved how the app was easy to use, with its intuitive interface, live updates on data, and a secure space for trading that made them feel at ease. This positive sentiment translated into some really impressive app ratings and tons of positive feedback pouring in. As all of this unfolded, BTC Markets truly solidified its reputation as a trailblazing exchange that truly cares about giving users a smooth and convenient trading experience above all else.

The BTC Markets mobile app embodies user-centric design, catering to traders of all levels, while integrating real-time market data for informed decisions.

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