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We’re ready to bring your app to life. Spritely offers full-cycle software design and development services to help your business or start-up grow. We specialise in fintech, SASS, blockchain, property, streaming, retail, hospitality, and social apps on the Gold Coast.

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With over 34 years of industry experience focusing on Web and Mobile design and development, we leverage this experience to deliver World-Class digital products for our happy customers.

About Us

App Developers in Gold Coast

Whether you live in cosmopolitan Brisbane or sunny Gold Coast, your new app idea deserves a great start in life. Working with start-ups and businesses, Spritely takes your mobile app concept and turns it into a successful reality. We have years of experience behind us and are considered some of the best mobile app developers on the Gold Coast.

Lured in by grants, incubator programs, and the promise of expanding networks, entrepreneurs and innovators have for years now been heading to Gold Coast. In fact, with one in five people in the city working for themselves, Gold Coast is fast becoming a nucleus for new business in Australia.

Spritely offers these businesses – whether shiny new or well-established — mobile app development services in Gold Coast that hit the mark. We help locals navigate the ever-changing landscape of software development every day.

Welcome to Spritely. You’re in good hands.

Our Approach to App Development

If you’re a member of Goodlife gyms, familiar with the Australian Red Cross, or you’re insured by Suncorp, you’ve seen our work. In fact, Spritely has transformed notes, scribbles, and mental pictures into innovative mobile apps for countless Australian businesses. But when it comes to mobile app development in Gold Coast, we’ve got a whole lot to be proud of.

Turning novel concepts into user-friendly software, we’ve helped craft apps for; privacy-focused social network ‘Sociall,’ fitness and training program ‘ACTV’ and property management assistant ‘Truelet’, amongst others. Join our Gold Coast community of happy customers.


Spritely’s creative designers know just how to discover the root of your problem and materialise a fitting solution. First, we turn your brief into a seamless prototype that not only fixes a problem but stands out on a screen.


Spritely’s development team is comprised of experts who know how to convert sleek designs into faultless software. Following the design process, our engineers provide a timeline and work their magic before launching onto app stores.


Spritely’s professional growth team knows exactly what makes your product advance and sell. Integrating user feedback along the way, our team works to keep your mobile app updated and relevant as new technology enters the market.

Mobile App Development Gold Coast

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In just over 50 years, the Gold Coast completely evolved from a sleepy seaside town to Australia’s sixth-largest city. People from all over the world have moved to sunny Gold Coast, for its warm weather and attractive lifestyle. But it’s the entrepreneurship and bounds of youthful enthusiasm which has truly made Gold Coast the worldly city it is today.

Quickly moving towards becoming a national leader in tech innovation, Gold Coast sees amazing developments in a range of sectors including e-commerce, design, and even space exploration. Investments in education and research, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit are thought to have set the scene for the city’s advancement.

And to highlight the city’s innovative attitude, an astonishing one in five workers on the Gold Coast work for themselves. A progressive culture and active entrepreneurial community give the Gold Coast a unique and innovative feel, unlike any other Australian city.

Looking to take the plunge with your mobile app idea? You’re definitely in the right place, and now you’re in the right hands too.

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App Development Experts

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Our highly skilled team is comprised of designers, growth experts, and app developers in Gold Coast. Having delivered hundreds of mobile apps for the web, Android and iOS, we can take your concept strides further than you first imagined. Our tried and tested process is built upon experience, as well as vital analytics, rigorous research, and multi-step optimization.

We’re well-versed in helping clients understand our process too. Whether you’re completely new to the terms SAAS Development and Blockchain App Development, or you know exactly what’s required to make your app tick, we are ready to guide you through the process.

At Spritely, we believe in supporting you all the way from design to the app store and beyond. There’s no use in creating your masterpiece, only to send it off to the app store to reach its potential alone. Our growth plans ensure that your app adapts and succeeds well into the future.

As some of the best mobile app developers in Gold Coast, at Spritely we go beyond a completed app, towards a thriving one.

The Best Mobile App Developers on the Gold Coast

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Our clients across the Gold Coast have received user-friendly and creative apps within multiple industries. We work effectively with both Android and iOS, making us one of the most trusted mobile app developers on the Gold Coast.

IOS App Developers on the Gold Coast

Our clients across the Gold Coast have received user-friendly and creative apps within multiple industries. We work effectively with both Android and iOS, making us one of the most trusted mobile app developers on the Gold Coast.

Android App Developers in Brisbane

Spritely has a dedicated team of Android app developers in Gold Coast with a knack for crafting top-of-the-range Android apps. We believe that it’s no good simply to take an iOS app and adapt it.

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